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Do you suspect that you are struggling with ADHD as an adult? Or maybe you are noticing signs and symptoms of ADHD in your child/teen. If so, online counselling for ADHD or in-person ADHD therapy in Barrie can help you or your child/teen navigate the many challenges associated with ADHD to better effectively cope. At Inner Growth Counselling we do not provide any formal diagnoses or assessments, but we can assure you that through ADHD counselling, you will find some relief and learn better management strategies to help you get back (and stay!) on track. 

Signs of ADHD in Children

ADHD is a diverse diagnosis with many elements that can impact a person in a variety of ways. In children,  ADHD tends to interfere with school and academic performance. A child with ADHD may struggle sitting still, not talking when its their turn, completing homework and chores and therefore find themselves in trouble more than their peers. Parents of children with ADHD may feel frustrated and at a loss on how to help and stop these problematic behaviours.

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Signs of ADHD in Adults

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder meaning that it develops in childhood and is linked to changes in the brain that lead to behavioural problems.  ADHD can occur in adulthood and take a great toll on individuals, especially if undiagnosed and untreated. Adults may struggle with many of the same things children with ADHD do, such as focusing, completing tasks, following directions, impulse control, regulating emotions, and staying organized. Not surprisingly, adults (and even children and teens) tend to develop other issues associated with ADHD such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem,  and relationship conflicts.

How Counselling Can Help Treat ADHD

Regardless of whether you are a child or teen with ADHD or are struggling with it as an adult, our ADHD therapists in Barrie can help you manage your ADHD symptoms and function better overall. Here are some common ways that psychotherapy and counselling for ADHD can help:

  • Improve emotion regulation

  • Increase focus and attention

  • Learn time management and organizational skills

  • Enhance motivation and productivity

  • Cope with stress more effectively

  • Change negative self-talk and self-destructive behaviours

  • Alleviate anxiety, depression and low self-esteem

Meet Our Online & In-Person Therapists in Barrie for ADHD Therapy

Our ADHD therapists specialize in helping children, youth, and adults diagnosed (or undiagnosed) with ADHD. They use proven effective methods, such as Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, to treat co-occuring mood and anxiety disorders, as well as teaching individuals valuable skills to modify and improve unhelpful behaviours, such as forgetting, poor concentration, impulsivity, and lack of organization.

Book a free, 15-minute phone consultation to chat with Ashlee (6+), Megan (6+), Robyn (10+), Arshiya (ages 12+), Jordan (ages 10+), Jacqueline (8+), or Cheyenne (ages 10+) to learn more about how online or in-person counselling for ADHD can help you or your child.

Ashlee Lortie


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Cheyenne Andrew


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Arshiya Choudhury

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Jacqueline Dillabough

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