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Support, comfort, and guidance through prenatal and postpartum depression, anxiety, and other new mom mental health challenges.

Becoming a mom is a beautiful, life-changing experience. But sometimes, the joy and bliss you imagined doesn’t happen as you thought it would. And that’s okay. Many new moms like you experience maternal mental health challenges during pregnancy and after giving birth.


The isolation, changing hormones, and life-altering events of pregnancy and having a baby can do a number on your mental health. But you shouldn’t weather the storm alone. At Inner Growth Counselling, we’re here to help you navigate these unexpected, exhausting, and confusing times with caring, comforting, and understanding maternal mental health counselling, in-person in Barrie or online anywhere in Ontario.

Maternal Mental Health Challenges We Address

The complex changes your body and mind endure during pregnancy and after giving birth can be overwhelming and challenging to handle. Several biological and psychological factors go into this period of your life, so it’s completely understandable if you’re not feeling quite yourself. 


We provide maternal mental health counselling in Barrie and Ontario to help you through the following:


  • prenatal mood disorders and anxiety

  • postpartum depression

  • postpartum anxiety

  • postpartum rage

  • navigating new motherhood

  • traumatic births

  • infertility and loss

  • self-esteem, self-worth and self-identity

There’s no shame in dealing with any of these mental health concerns. So many moms feel the same way you do! The good news is we can help.

Why Partner With Our Perinatal & Maternal Mental Health Therapists in Barrie

Our perinatal, pregnancy & postpartum therapists in Barrie know you don’t want to feel anxious, sad, worried, or overwhelmed as a new mom. At Inner Growth Counselling , we provide safe, authentic, relatable maternal mental health care to find balance, growth, and understanding of your true self as a new mom. 


We’ll listen, receive, and genuinely aim to understand whatever struggles you face and work with you to help you achieve your mental health and wellness goals. 

Meet Our Maternal Mental Health Specialists in Barrie & Ontario

In-person & online

perinatal and maternal mental health therapist counsellors in barrie

Start Your Maternal Mental Health Therapy in Barrie Today

Getting support for your perinatal, maternal mental health concerns is easy. Simply visit our online booking page and schedule a free 15-min consultation with your therapist(s) of choice and decide if you would like to work together.

postpartum depression and anxiety counselling in barrie
Book Your FREE 15-Minute Consultation

Use our booking page to schedule a convenient time to chat with one of our counsellors in Barrie for maternal mental health

postpartum anxiety and depression counselling in barrie
Talk With One of Our Online or Barrie Therapists

We'll call you on your selected date and time to talk about your maternal mental health counselling needs

postpartum depression and anxiety counselling in barrie
Book a Session Now or Later On

Book your first individual therapy session for maternal mental health with one of our online or Barrie therapists

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