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Find balance, change unhelpful thinking patterns, and create a healthier lifestyle with counselling for disordered eating in Barrie today!

We live in a culture that places way too much emphasis on how you look. Social media and diet culture can cause you to create unrealistic expectations for yourself and make you feel “less than” if you aren’t a certain size or shape. This can often lead to disordered eating habits and an unhealthy relationship with food, the mirror, and yourself. 


The fact is that who you are goes well beyond a number on the scale. But we know hearing that and actually believing it are two very different things. You need the guidance and support of an experienced, understanding, and supportive disordered eating counsellor to help you genuinely accept yourself and help you develop true self-acceptance with freedom from disordered eating.

How Do I Know If I Need Disordered Eating Therapy?

Disordered eating doesn’t necessarily equal an eating disorder, although it could in some cases. Whether or not you struggle with disordered eating or an eating disorder depends on your symptoms. An eating disorder is a diagnosis, while disordered eating is a description of your behaviour and food habits.


If any of the following apply to you, there’s a good chance you could benefit from disordered eating counselling in Barrie, Ontario:


  • frequent or extreme dieting

  • anxiety associated with certain foods, food aversions

  • meal-skipping

  • restrictive diets or excessive calorie counting

  • chronic fluctuations in weight

  • strict rituals surrounding eating and exercising

  • feelings of guilt associated with eating

  • preoccupation with your weight and body image

  • binge eating

  • loss of control around food

  • compulsive eating habits 

  • using exercise, food restriction, fasting, or purging to atone or compensate for eating “bad foods”

How Therapy for Disordered Eating Can Help

One of the most prominent challenges to overcome during treatment for disordered eating is cognitive distortions, also called unhelpful thoughts/thinking styles. When it comes to disordered eating, these unhelpful thoughts are often automatic. But they are also inaccurate and destructive, leading to unhealthy eating behaviours like binging, purging, excessive exercise, and skipping meals to feel better about yourself. 


Disordered eating counselling can help change your distorted ways of thinking about food, exercise, and your self-image. Our disordered eating therapists in Barrie can help you develop healthier coping mechanisms, eating habits, and self-acceptance. 


Regain control over your relationship with food. Partner with our caring, accepting, genuine, disordered eating therapists at Inner Growth Counselling in person or online.

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We understand that it can be daunting to ask for help. That is why we make accessing therapy for disordered eating in Barrie easy! Simply visit our online booking page and schedule a free 15-min consultation with your therapist(s) of choice and decide if you would like to work together.

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