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Private Practice Business Coaching, Consulting & Mentorship in Ontario

Whether you are an aspiring therapist looking for guidance and support as you complete your studies, or a licensed therapist looking to create a thriving and fulfilling private practice, we can help you fine-tune your vision and help it come to life through our private practice business coaching and consulting services in Ontario.

Meet Your Counselling Private Practice Business Coach!


Clinic Owner & Registered Psychotherapist

private practice business coaching barrie ontario canada

Hi, I'm Laryssa! I'm a psychotherapist in Barrie, ON who has a passion for mentoring new and aspiring psychotherapists navigate the world of counselling, and helping ambitious entrepreneurs cultivate a thriving private practice that feels authentic to them.

I always knew from a young age that I wanted to be my own boss; I thought being a "business woman" was the coolest thing, and I weirdly enjoyed the administrative behind-the-scene tasks that most people think are boring. My thirst for knowledge and sometimes stubborn "I can do that myself!" attitude, coupled with my passion for psychology, led me choosing a career in private practice.

Upon graduating from my Master's in Counselling Psychology in 2020, I immediately launched my private practice. In fact, I was already building my business before graduation so that I could start right away! I spent countless hours researching and learning how to build a website, best marketing strategies for businesses, networking with other healthcare professionals, and crafting my dream practice.

After just 1 year in private practice, I rebranded from a self-named solo practice and expanded into a group practice- Inner Growth Counselling & Psychotherapy! It has been an exhausting and rewarding journey where I have learned a lot about myself and what it takes to run a successful business. I am still learning, and recognize that I always will be, but believe that I have valuable knowledge and insight to help other like-minded folks thrive in this field!

I've poured a lot of time and energy into cultivating a business that I am proud of and is an extension of my personal core values. I always say, "my business is my baby". I believe it's important as entrepreneurs to get clear on our "why" for deciding to open a business, as it is not for the faint hearted and will be more work than you probably even know. But, it is totally worth it!

I can help you navigate a career in counselling psychology & THRIVE in private practice

Aspiring Therapists

  • Navigate academic paths for pursuing a career in counselling psychology

  • Support and guidance throughout completing an educational degree in counselling/psychology

  • Provide insight into a career as a psychotherapist 

  • Promote self-reflection to determine if a career in counselling psychology is right for you

  • Counselling support for students in psychology from a therapist who knows what it's like

Novice Therapists & New Grads

  • Guidance preparing for a career in counselling psychology

  • Support and mentorship preparing to launch a private practice

  • Working in a solo vs group private practice

  • Marketing for private practice

  • Finances in private practice

  • Establishing streamlined business protocols & policies

Established Therapists

  • Consultation and coaching to help your private practice thrive

  • Website audit and feedback

  • Marketing and advertising advice

  • Transitioning from a group practice to building your own private practice

  • Rebranding your existing business, developing a niche

  • Creating a balanced lifestyle for female entrepreneurs 

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