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Private Practice Business Coaching, Consulting & Mentorship in Ontario

Whether you are an aspiring therapist looking for guidance and support as you complete your studies, or a practicing therapist looking to create a thriving and fulfilling private practice, we can help you fine-tune your vision and help it come to life through our counselling private practice business coaching and consulting services in Ontario.

Meet Your Counselling Private Practice Business Coach!


Clinic Owner & Registered Psychotherapist


Hi, I'm Laryssa! I'm a psychotherapist in Barrie, ON who has a passion for mentoring new and aspiring psychotherapists navigate the world of counselling, and helping ambitious entrepreneurs cultivate a thriving private practice that feels authentic to them.

I always knew from a young age that I wanted to be my own boss; I thought being a "business woman" was the coolest thing, and I weirdly enjoyed the administrative tasks most people think are boring. My thirst for knowledge and sometimes stubborn "I can do that myself!" attitude, coupled with my passion for psychology, led me choosing a career in private practice.

Upon graduating from my Master's in Counselling Psychology in 2020, I immediately launched my private practice. In fact, I was already building my business before graduation so that I could start right away! I spent countless hours researching and learning how to build a website, best marketing strategies for businesses, networking with other healthcare professionals, and crafting my dream practice.

After just 1 year in private practice, I rebranded from a self-named solo practice and expanded into a group practice- Inner Growth Counselling & Psychotherapy! It has been an exhausting and rewarding journey where I have learned a lot about myself and what it takes to run a successful business. I am still learning, and recognize that I always will be, but believe that I have valuable knowledge and insight to help other like-minded folks thrive in this field!

I've poured a lot of time and energy into cultivating a business that I am proud of and is an extension of my personal core values. I always say, "my business is my baby". I believe it's important as entrepreneurs to get clear on our "why" for deciding to open a business, as it is not for the faint hearted and will be more work than you probably even know. But, it is totally worth it!

I can help you navigate a career in counselling psychology & THRIVE in private practice

Aspiring Therapists

  • Navigate academic paths for pursuing a career in counselling psychology

  • Support and guidance throughout completing an educational degree in counselling/psychology

  • Provide insight into a career as a psychotherapist 

  • Promote self-reflection to determine if a career in counselling psychology is right for you

  • Counselling support for students in psychology from a therapist who knows what it's like

Novice Therapists & New Grads

  • Guidance preparing for a career in counselling psychology

  • Support and mentorship preparing to launch a private practice

  • Working in a solo vs group private practice

  • Marketing for private practice

  • Finances in private practice

  • Establishing streamlined business protocols & policies

Established Therapists

  • Consultation and coaching to help your private practice thrive

  • Website audit and feedback

  • Marketing and advertising advice

  • Transitioning from a group practice to building your own private practice

  • Rebranding your existing business, developing a niche

  • Creating a balanced lifestyle for female entrepreneurs 

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