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Do you feel unsatisfied in your relationship? Do you feel like you and your partner are stuck in the same negative cycle over and over again? Do you feel disconnected and distant? Get help for relationship issues with your partner today through couples and marriage therapy in Barrie, ON.

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Couples Counselling in Barrie, Ontario

Strengthen your relationship and connect with your partner again through couples counselling in Barrie.

Relationships can be wonderful


But relationships can also be hard.


Once the honeymoon phase is over, whether you’re married or not, things start getting real and, many times, challenging. After a while, you and your partner may unintentionally begin practicing dysfunctional behaviour and communication patterns that foster hurt, anger, resentment, and distance. 


And if you don’t close the gap between you and your partner through couples counselling, that distance may become too vast to repair.

But we can help. Our team of psychotherapists and mental health professionals in Barrie can give your relationship the tools needed to repair and grow through couples counselling in Barrie or virtually across Ontario.

How Do You Know if You Need Couples Therapy?

Maybe you’ve tried everything you can in your power to try to repair your relationship. You’ve tried to talk to your partner but end up going round and round in a vicious cycle of frustration and defeat. You’ve read self-help relationship books and listened to podcasts and videos online. 


But you still feel:

  • Sad

  • Alone

  • Distant

  • Frustrated

  • Angry

  • Hurt

marriage and couples counselling in barrie

Whether your relationship has suffered a trauma such as infidelity, or if you just can't seem to get on the same page about money, parenting, intimacy, and trust, couples and marriage counselling in Barrie can help you navigate these common relationship challenges.


We offer a safe, nonjudgmental, down-to-earth, comfortable space for you and your partner to explore your thoughts and feelings. Our team of Barrie couples therapists are eager to help from the convenient location of our Barrie therapy office. But if you prefer, you can access online couples therapy sessions anywhere across Ontario. You and your partner don't even have to be in the same room, which is perfect for long-distance relationships or opposite work schedules.

Get Started With Effective Marriage & Couples Therapy in Barrie or Online Today!

How You Will Benefit From Our Couples Counselling in Barrie and Ontario

You fell in love for a reason. We’ll help you rediscover that love using client-centered therapy approaches proven to help couples work through their differences. We know how difficult marriage and relationships can be, which is why your couples therapy sessions will be tailored to your specific needs and areas of concern.

Through our online or in-person couples and marriage counselling in Barrie and Ontario, we’ll gently and patiently walk you and your partner through your struggles to:


  • Learn effective communication skills and conflict resolution tips

  • Increase intimacy and trust

  • Enhance relationship gratitude and appreciation for one another

  • Find shared values to strengthen your relationship’s foundation

  • Navigate parenting issues


No matter how long it takes, one week to several months, we’re here for you and your partner for the long haul. Even if you think you’re ready to use what you’ve learned in couples counselling on your own and then need our help, later on, we’ll be here waiting. Or maybe you encounter a new chapter in your life such as starting a family or a career change and want some support to work through the hiccups- we can help.

Meet Our Marriage & Couples Therapists in Barrie & Ontario

In-person & online

couples therapy in barrie counselling

Please see our team page or booking page for therapist availability

It's Time To Rekindle That Spark You Once Had...

Listen, we understand it can be tough to face the fact your relationship needs help or to get your partner on board with couples therapy. All you have to do is take the first step, and we’ll help you from there.

couples counselling therapy in barrie ontario

Use our booking page to schedule a convenient time to chat with one of our couples counsellors in Barrie

couples therapy counselling in barrie ontario
Talk With One of Our Online or Barrie Therapists

We'll call you on your selected date and time to talk about your couples' counselling needs

couples therapy counselling in barrie
Book a Session Now or Later On

Book your first online or in-person couples therapy session with one of our Barrie couples' therapists

Don’t Wait. Now’s the time to finally fix your relationship issues. Rediscover why you and your partner fell in love. If you’re looking for empathetic, down-to-earth couples therapy in Barrie, Ontario, we’re ready to help.

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