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If you or your teen are struggling and not sure where to turn, you've come to the right place! Our team of adolescent and teen therapists in Barrie can help be a safe space to unpack and navigate the stressors of growing up and dealing with mental health concerns.

Youth Counseling
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Teen and Youth Therapy in Barrie, Ontario

Casual, comfy, and understanding online or in-person counselling for teenagers in Barrie with a modern and relaxed vibe

Today’s teenagers and adolescents face unique challenges thanks to technology. They deal with the same complex emotions, hormones, stressors, pressures, and worries you did, but with the added complication of texting and social media.

It’s tough being a teen today. In fact, according to a poll by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), 64% of teens today feel the world is more stressful than when their parents were their age.

Depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns in teens and adolescents are on the rise. The good news is that that same poll revealed that most teens are comfortable talking about their mental health. But they typically don’t start the conversation.

That’s where we come in!

Recognizing When Your Teen Needs Therapy 

Teenage years are tricky to navigate as a teen and parent or caregiver! With the daily changing emotions, feelings, body, relationships, and identity combined with an abundance of hormones, it can be challenging to recognize when your teen needs professional help. 


You may think their changing behavior is just “normal” teenage conduct, but it’s essential not to shrug it off. Of course, you want to recognize their desire to gain independence, but you must stay in tune with any significant changes so you don’t miss the signs they need teen and adolescent therapy.


Some of those signs include when your teen:


  • withdraws and avoids family excessively

  • stops engaging in hobbies and activities they typically enjoy

  • lacks motivation 

  • seems angry all the time

  • uses drugs or alcohol

  • seems anxious

  • gets in trouble with authority or the law

  • is hanging out with a new set of friends

  • starts struggling in school

  • self-harms

  • is dealing with a significant loss or divorce

  • talks about dying or death

  • doesn’t care for their personal hygiene

  • asks to see a therapist

Not all teens exhibit the same symptoms of mental health concerns. But you know your child best. When you see something is “off” with them, it’s essential to reach out to a trusted mental health care provider like our team at Inner Growth Counselling in Barrie. You’ll be glad you did.

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Whatever Your Teen Struggles With, We Can Help

Many times, teens don’t want to talk to their parents or caregivers about their troubles. They may say they’re “fine” or tell you that “you don’t understand.” Or perhaps they don’t want you to worry or feel ashamed of inner turmoil.

Therapy for teens in Barrie at Inner Growth Counselling is a safe space with warm, caring, laid-back, welcoming therapists who specialize in helping teens like yours. We’ll partner with you and your child to curate an ideal treatment program depending on their needs. 


Some of the most common issues we help teens with in counselling for teenagers in Barrie include the following:



It’s essential to allow healthy communication between you and your teen – a place where they feel safe and not judged. We understand that can be challenging, which is another reason why getting them the help they need as soon as possible is crucial. A trusted, compassionate teen and adolescent therapist can be the safe space they need outside their inner family and friend circle.

Benefits of Teen and Adolescent Therapy in Barrie

Therapy for teens provides your child with a safe place to feel heard and free of worry and judgment. Teen and adolescent therapy can help your child better understand their emotions, learn healthy coping methods, improve their self-esteem, and build solid relationships.


Counselling for teenagers can foster significant emotional growth in your child. Having a trusted counsellor in their corner with whom they build a meaningful therapeutic relationship can help them understand how they aren’t alone, broken, messed up, or weird. On the contrary, they’ll feel supported, heard, understood, and validated. 


To summarize, therapy for teens in Barrie at Inner Growth Counselling can help your child learn, grow, and become their authentic self.

Counselling for Teens in Barrie: What To Expect

We understand that going to therapy for anyone can be a little scary, especially as a teenager. They don’t want an adult stranger telling them what to do. 


We get it. And that’s not what we’re like here at Inner Growth Counselling.

Teens need to be able to trust their counsellor. They need to feel comfortable and safe. Our therapists are genuine, relatable, and laid-back. We’re not here to judge, condemn, or try to change your child. We’re here to listen and help them grow in healthy ways in their own time, whether online or in person in Barrie, ON. 


We’re flexible, too. If your teen feels more comfortable having you accompany them to the first appointment, no problem! And if your teen is okay with it, we’ll update you on their progress throughout their therapy journey while keeping our conversations safe and confidential, unless there is a danger we need to inform you of.

Meet Our Teen & Adolescent Therapists in Barrie & Ontario

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Being a youth or teen is hard enough- let's make it easy for you in getting the help you need!

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