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Our team of licensed mental health therapists offer effective, safe, and convenient online therapy for individuals and online therapy for couples in Barrie and across Ontario.

Your well-being is our ultimate concern. We provide online counselling and psychotherapy services to individuals across Ontario to suit their specific personal and mental health needs. Our therapy sessions are designed to strengthen your confidence, build resilience and assist you in the healing process by equipping you with helpful coping skills in a safe and non-judgmental relationship. Take a look at the services we offer, and book your complimentary consultation call with one of our online therapists in Ontario today to start your new journey towards a more fulfilling life.

Online Individual Therapy Services

In our online therapy sessions, we’ll work collaboratively to help you gain clarity on your current problems, learn healthy coping skills, and promote helpful thinking and behaviour. We will help you develop valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. Everyone comes to therapy for various reasons, but our trained mental health therapists can help you overcome a variety of challenges and issues such as:


mental health therapist in barrie

Online Couples Therapy Services

couples counsellig in barrie

Do you feel unsatisfied in your relationship or disconnected from your partner? All couples disagree or bicker from time to time, but when it turns into criticism, blaming and hostility, you may feel unhappy in your relationship. 

Through our online couples' counselling sessions, we will work together to change dysfunctional patterns of behaviour and help you rebuild communication, intimacy, security and trust.

Whether you are newly dating or are in a long-term relationship, our team of online therapists can help you and your partner rediscover why you fell in love and repair any ruptures to the relationship. Our couples counselling services are LGBTQ+ friendly!

Online Child & Family Therapy Services

You and your child deserve to be happy. But let's face it- growing up is hard and not without many challenges. And if left unresolved, can create a lot of tension, fights, and frustration within the family unit. If your child is in need of mental health support and you don't know what to do, we are here to help your child and your family function better and be happier.  Our online child and family therapists can help you and your child with:

  • Mental health concerns (anxiety, depression, trauma)

  • ADHD and behavioural issues (tantrums, aggression)

  • Self-esteem and social issues

  • Family conflict; unhealthy coping

  • Support through separation/divorce

  • General family wellbeing and support

child and family therapy in barrie

Affordable Therapy Services in Ontario

affordable therapy in barrie

Everyone deserves to access quality and effective mental health services. But if you are strapped for money and don't have health benefits, where do you turn for help? Our Affordable Therapy Program offers low cost mental health counselling services in Ontario to those who could otherwise not afford to get the help they need.

The program is led by Masters level student interns who are knowledgable and eager to help. They are equipped to counsel you through a variety of mental health issues. 

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We value hassle-free counselling. There is nothing worse than jumping through multiple hoops just to get help. We offer an easy online booking system where you can schedule an appointment at your convenience. One of our compassionate and relatable online therapists can meet with you ASAP so there is no waiting for help here at Inner Growth Counselling.

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We’ve helped lots of individuals just like you through our effective, flexible, relatable, and down-to-earth online counselling services in Barrie and throughout Ontario.

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