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Are you suffering from a stiff neck, pains in your stomach, trouble sleeping or constantly feel pressured and overwhelmed, even by the smallest of tasks? If so, you may be experiencing high levels of stress that are starting to impact your ability to function normally. Stress is a natural reaction to any demand or change in your life and can give us that push or motivation to get the job done. However, when stress is chronic and prolonged, it can take a serious toll on your body, both physically and mentally.


  • You are experiencing physical symptoms, like headaches, trouble sleeping, chest pain, stomach issues, fatigue, or muscle tension

  • Basic, routine tasks are overwhelming

  • You shut down, avoid or procrastinate

  • You feel unmotivated 

  • You are neglecting self-care

  • You are in denial about being stressed

stress management therapy in Barrie

How Therapy Can Help Treat Stress

When we are so stressed to the point of it interfering with our daily lives, it is often helpful to take a step back and reflect on what is missing from your life, what has changed, or what you have been neglecting. Managing stress could involve practicing self-care, following a healthy diet or exercise routine, prioritizing tasks and creating small, manageable goals, or developing relaxation coping strategies. Therapy for stress management can help you find your balance and get you back on track towards a more successful, productive and fulfilling life.

READY TO COPE WITH STRESS BETTER? We are here to help...