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Is your family in constant conflict and you don't know what else to do? Or maybe your child is struggling with tantrums, aggression, sadness or anxiety and you feel at a loss on how to help them. Our child and family therapists can help.

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Child & Family Counselling in Barrie, Ontario

Improve your communication, strengthen your bond, and grow together!

Every parent wants to be close to their child. But sometimes, as children grow up, go through changes, and experience the “real world,” your relationship with them can change. What was once hugs, snuggles, and laughter has turned into screaming matches, slamming doors, and seemingly impossible communication. 


If you’ve ever found yourself wondering things like, 


“What’s going on with our family?"


“Why don’t we get along?” "Where did we go wrong?"


“Is there something wrong with my child?” "How do I help them?"


There’s a good chance they could benefit from our child therapy services in Ontario.

And so could you as a family or individually as parents.

Why Your Child Might Need Therapy

Rest assured, there’s nothing “wrong” with your child. Struggling with mental health concerns isn’t something they are choosing to do. 


Growing up can be extremely challenging, and sometimes children don’t know how to handle certain things. 


Many times, kids don’t want to talk to parents about issues at school, with peers, or what they’re feeling inside.


They need help and support adjusting to the new chapters of life. And they need a safe space to work through their struggles with a nonjudgemental, unbiased third party. 


That’s where our team of experienced, compassionate Barrie child and family therapy specialists in Ontario come in.

Benefits of Child and Family Therapy in Barrie, ON

Here at Inner Growth Counselling & Psychotherapy, we take a family approach to child therapy. Because kids aren’t the agents of change in their environment, they need your parental support and participation for successful change to happen. 


Understanding your child’s mental health issues helps you help them. We offer both one-on-one child therapy and family therapy sessions. Both are beneficial to improving your child’s mental health, communication skills, and strengthening your family bond.


Our approach is down-to-earth, welcoming, and inviting. You’ll never feel judged when you come to our office for child and family therapy in Barrie or access support online. With our help, you’ll learn the necessary skills to interact with and support your child in their mental health struggles.

It's Time To Help Your Child and Strengthen Your Family...

Issues Our Children's Mental Health Therapists in Barrie Can Help Address

We understand how frustrating, upsetting, and overwhelming it can be to handle your child’s mental health concerns. But you don’t have to do it alone. Our comprehensive team of experts is equipped to help you face and work through any troubling issues your child and family face.


Some of these issues include but are not limited to: 


Many children’s mental health issues stem from things going on inside or outside the home. There may be things happening in your child’s life you aren’t even aware of! This doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent. Your child may feel more comfortable talking to someone outside of your living environment about it. 


But with the help of our Barrie children's therapists and your unconditional support, we’ll get to the root of the issue and work through it together.

child therapy in barrie

What To Expect In Our Child & Family Sessions

During your initial consultation, you and your child will meet with your therapist and discuss your concerns, issues, and learn more about your family. This will help them identify ways to help you and your child and how to proceed to the next step in child and family therapy. 


During your child’s future therapy sessions, their therapist will use different techniques and exercises to work through whatever is troubling them. 


Online or in-person child therapy in Barrie may include:


Talking: Your child discusses their feelings with their therapist, rather than reacting to them. This allows them to respond healthily rather than acting out. Their therapist will listen intently and help them understand these feelings, creating trust. And when your child trusts their therapist, they’ll be more open to learning. 


Exercises: Your child probably doesn’t know how to explain and cope with their unfamiliar emotions effectively. During their child therapy sessions, their therapist will use different techniques to understand better how they are feeling. 


They may draw or play. Or, they may learn stress-reducing skills and breathing exercises to help them release stress and tension.


Practicing New SkillsIt’s one thing for your child to learn coping skills and techniques. But it’s another thing actually to put them to use. 


During your child’s therapy sessions, their therapist will have the practice the new skills they’ve learned. They may be asked to practice listening, sharing, being patient, and thinking before acting. 


Solving ProblemsIf your child is older, their therapist may talk with them about problems they are facing. Together, they’ll talk through possible solutions. 


We offer child and family therapy in Barrie and all of Ontario virtually. When you partner with us here at Inner Growth Counselling it’s important you understand we aren’t here to “fix” your child. We have to work together as a team toward solutions and wellness. 


Depending on your individual needs, your child and family therapy sessions may include one-on-one therapy with your child or yourself, or perhaps sessions with you and your child and other family members. The crucial thing to remember is that you are your child’s most significant source of support and love. 


And they can’t do this without you.

Meet Our Child and  Family Therapists in Barrie & Ontario

Ashlee Lortie

In-person & online; accepting new clients (kids 8+)


Cheyenne Andrew

in-person & online; accepting new clients (kids 10+)

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