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therapists in barrie counselling services


Modern, laidback online & in-person counselling from a team of approachable and compassionate licensed mental health therapists serving Barrie and all of Ontario.

How We Can Help You Grow Through Our Therapy Services

Let's face it. Life can be challenging and sometimes you feel like things will never change or that you aren't equipped to cope. 


Maybe you feel down, anxious, overwhelmed, or worried about the future of a relationship. Or perhaps you just don't feel like you're living the life you want to live.


But there is hope. Our online and in-person counselling services in Barrie can help you regain control of your life.


You have the strength and courage to be successful in this journey of self-discovery and growth. We're just here to offer support and guidance along the way.  You've already made the first step by realizing you need help and seeking support.  


Our counselling services in Barrie can help you better understand yourself, foster new attitudes and perspectives about your life, and get you back on track.


You don't have to struggle alone any longer. Start online or in-person therapy for your mental health concerns today by booking a free 15-minute consultation.

therapists in barrie counselling services
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ONLINE & IN-PERSON COUNSELLING SERVICES IN BARRIE, ON  to meet your personal and mental health needs

What Sets Our Online & Barrie Therapy Services Apart

We’re not here to overwhelm you with advice or to-do lists of how to change your life. We’re here to help you grow, heal, and discover your authentic self so you can live your life more meaningfully. Our mental health services are flexibly offered either online or in-person at our Barrie therapy office- you decide what works best for you!


If you’re looking for a down-to-earth, friendly, comfortable counselling atmosphere, then you’ve come to the right place at Inner Growth Counselling and Psychotherapy. Our team of dedicated, relatable and compassionate Registered Psychotherapists in Barrie are ready and waiting to help you navigate your current challenges and live your life to the fullest, without the weight of heavy mental health issues.

Our online and Barrie therapy services offer:

therapist counsellors in barrie

No Referral Needed

No Wait-Lists

Easy Online Booking

Flexible Appointment Times

Online & In-Person Therapy in Barrie

Covered by Most Benefits

Who We Help

Our high-quality, real-talk mental health counselling services in Barrie are available to individuals (children, teens & adults), families and couples through online or in-person sessions.

Whether you’ve been in a “funk” for a while, dealing with anxiety, depression, ADHD, grief,  self-esteem issues, or something else, we’re here for you.


 At Inner Growth Counselling, you’re in the driver’s seat of your healing and growth journey. With the help of our super-approachable online and in-person therapists in Barrie, you’ll achieve:

  • Personal growth

  • Improved relationships

  • Better emotional regulation

  • Healthy coping skills

  • Greater confidence

counselling in barrie
marriage and couples counselling in barrie

Being in a relationship comes with its share of challenges. Two people with two different backgrounds, experiences, beliefs, and personalities are bound to have difficulties. Our team of skilled couples therapists in Barrie has helped couples reignite the spark that brought them together. 


We are LGBTQ+ friendly and offer both marriage counselling and couples therapy in Barrie to couples wanting to address:


  • Communication issues

  • Trust and infidelity concerns

  • Parenting issues

  • Financial and responsibility issues

  • Amicable separations and divorce

If your child is struggling with mental health issues or your family is in crisis or constant conflict, our team of online and Barrie child and family therapists can help.  At Inner Growth Counselling,  we value your entire family unit. Through collaborative sessions with both parent(s) and child(ren), we can help you address:

  • Behavioural, emotional, or social concerns in children

  • Communication issues and conflicts

  • Navigate separation/divorce or blending families

  • Dysfunctional patterns and habits; family mental health

  • Learn effective parenting strategies and tools

  • Unhealthy coping skills and poor boundaries

Ultimately, the goal of child & family therapy is to strengthen the family unit so that everyone is supported, understood, and overall happier.

child and family therapy in barrie
teen therapy in barrie

Been a teen is hard enough, let alone if you're a teen struggling with mental health challenges! At Inner Growth Counselling, our team of youth & teen therapists in Barrie offer counselling services that you can relate to. We are down-to-earth & approachable, yet highly skilled and practice using a variety of evidence-based techniques that can help you or your teen with a number of concerns such as:

  • Self-esteem, body image

  • Anxiety or depression

  • ADHD 

  • Emotion and mood regulation

  • Peer or family relationship issues

  • Transitioning to post-secondary school

There is an ever growing demand for mental health support, that unfortunately, is not always accessible for everyone. That is why we offer an Affordable Therapy Program to residents of Ontario to provide quality online or in-person counselling services in Barrie at a low cost.

Our Master's level clinical interns offer low-cost therapy in Barrie and across Ontario to help individuals 12+ with a variety of personal and mental health concerns. Please take a look at our services page to learn more about the program and explore if it is suitable for you!

affordable low cost counselling in ontario

Get Mental Health Counselling Support Today

We value hassle-free counselling. There is nothing worse than jumping through multiple hoops just to get help. We offer an easy online booking system where you can schedule an appointment at your convenience with one of our online or Barrie therapists. Get started below!

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Book Your FREE 15-Minute Consultation

Use our booking page to schedule a convenient time to chat with one of our team members

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Talk With One of Our Online or Barrie Therapists

We'll call you on your selected date and time to talk about your mental health counselling needs

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Book a Session Now or Later On

Book your first online or in-person therapy session with one of our online or Barrie therapists

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